Men’s Haircut  –  $22

Child/Senior Haircut   – $18

Shampoo  –  $5

Beard Trim  –  $10

Hot Towel Shave (Straight Razor)  –  $25

Head Shave (Straight Razor)  –  $22

Eyebrow Wax  –  $7

Combo Wax (eyebrow, lip, chin)  –  $15

Dina Castiglione: Owner / Master Barber

(518) 449-1600

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Castiglione's Location
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16 Comments Add yours

  1. Chet says:

    Great Barbershop—quality service from a quality barber !!!!!


  2. Colleen Piccolino says:

    Dina has been our family barber for years – my husband and two boys have followed Dina wherever she has gone and we are all so happy for her now that she has her very own shop!!!


  3. Kevin T Kroencke says:

    Finally she’ll not be leaving this place and have me follow her to another’s business. Best wishes and best haircuts.


  4. Ed Smith says:

    Dina is just incredible.
    Our story with her begins with an ADHD afflicted 2 year old who had been “tossed” out from 3 barber shops because they felt it just was not safe to cut his hair including one with a firetruck to sit in…over the course of 3 years and with a lot of patience he has progressed from just getting it cleaned up so he looked semi presentable to sitting on mom or dad’s lap using a spray bottle to drench everyone and the shop’s mirror to now sitting in the chair by himself watching cartoons while Dina cuts his hair…..without Dina’s patience and compassion he/we may still be looking for that first real haircut and now we don’t have to worry about it. He sits and gets his haircut and the whole head not just clean ups….

    Thank you Dina we love you.


  5. James Coy says:

    Dina owns a very special Barber Shop in upstate NY. I was introduced to her 5 years ago and have never looked back! Her hospitality accompanied by her unbelievable skills out weigh any of the competition in the area!! Dina rocks and is overall just a great person. I do recommend making an appointment. 9 times out of 10 she will be booked solid for the day!!


  6. Art says:

    Always friendly, always professional and above all always skilled. Great barber and a great place.


  7. Jeff R. says:

    I have been going to Dina for 20 years and have never considered going anywhere else. Dina does a fantastic job and is always a pleasure to talk to. I hope she is working for another 20 years!


  8. Sam Burgasser says:

    Great barber. I’ve been getting my hair cut by Dina since I was 8 and I’m currently 23 years old. She’s the best


  9. Mark R says:

    I’ve been getting my haircut by Dina for about 3 years now and she does a great job. She has consistently given me a perfect fade and pays close attention to detail. Highly recommend!!!


  10. mikeyudin says:

    My favorite chair in Albany! Dina is the best!


  11. Shaun says:

    Moved out to Albany a little over a year ago. I looked around for a new barber to replace the one i had since i was 8 (ahem, 20 years ago). Dina was conveniently close by when I first searched and chose her, but now I would go through rush hour to get my hair cut there. She is always happy to see you, good prices, and just an overall great experience. Plus she has my hair product for a good price too!


  12. Erwin B. says:

    When you are a psoriasis patient, going to a barber is not an easy thing. After a bunch of mishaps and awkward situations I ended up with Dina. And that was almost 20 years ago. Dina’s compassion and understanding are unsurpassed. Great barber and great friend!


  13. Josh says:

    Great haircut every time!


  14. Ryan S says:

    You won’t find a better barber in Albany than Dina! She’s the best!


  15. Mike P. says:

    I’ve been going to Dina for several years and have received a great haircut every time. While her skill level is evident after the first cut, Dina’s friendliness and professionalism are what keep me coming back. Always a pleasure to see Dina!


  16. Brian says:

    Great Barbershop! Dina is fantastic!


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